Warning: This Blog Adds Profit, Passion & Purpose to Your Business

Hot in 2016: How can you use your business to change the world?

Really? Yes – and by changing the world I mean: help solving the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems.

Businesses taking on responsibility is a trend rapidly moving towards it’s tipping point. Entrepreneurs are adding passion and purpose to their business. You, too, can put your stamp on the future. At the same time you’ll increase reputation and revenue for your business.

My Blog Mission in 2016 is to show you how small and medium sized businesses can make a contribution within their existing business model.

You don’t need a millionaire budget, and you don’t have to turn your business model upside-down to make a difference!

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What else will you find here? Articles …

On making money and marketing

In the 21st century (unlike the 200 years before) a new type of entrepreneurs is less motivated by money, and more motivated by passion and purpose. Yet, your business needs to be able to pay its bills to make a meaningful and purposeful contribution to the world.

That’s why my site’s tag line is “Profit Passion Purpose!” You need all three to have a meaningful business.

In the ‘On making money and marketing’ category you’ll find my best tips on marketing, social media, and how to win customers & clients.

If you occasionally feel overwhelmed by the speed of change in marketing, you’ll love it.

One of my strengths is to simplify complicated topics and explain them in an easy to understand step-by-step way.


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Who am I and how can I help you?

Portrait Ralf SkirrMy name is Ralf Skirr. I’m a business coach & marketing consultant.

  • Since 1987 I’ve been involved in sales and marketing in various forms, and in doing sales trainings from 1987 to 2001. That’s almost 30 years of sales and marketing experience you can tap into.
  • Since 2001 I’m the owner and managing director of DigiStage GmbH. DigiStage is a web agency for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • My main background in coaching is NLP. I’m a certified NLP trainer, and, throughout the years, have picked up several other coaching models. I’m not offering NLP seminars since 100% of my time goes into my agency and consulting work.

So this is what you can get professionally:

On character and business

Did you ever think about how a business reflects the character of its leaders?

  • If you’re a role model of personal excellence, your business will be excellent, too.
  • Or, allow me to be direct, if your business sucks it’s because you … have potential for personal improvement.

Following the lead of authors like Stephen R. Covey or Bill George I’ll talk about how to grow your character to grow your business.

You’ll also find out how to overcome bad habits and obstacles, and  how to put passion and excitement (back?) into your business.