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Are you and your team overwhelmed with work, and underwhelmed with results from your marketing?

My name is Ralf Skirr. I specialize in analyzing your current marketing and in helping making it more effective.

  • Since 1987 I’ve been involved in sales and marketing. That’s more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience you can tap into.
  • Since 2001 I’m the owner and managing director of DigiStage GmbH.DigiStage is an online marketing agency for small and medium-sized enterprises. We’ve been helping businesses for 17 years.

My clients are typically SOHOs and SMEs with up to 50 employees. If this is you, you might be having one of these common problems:

1. Your company is spreading itself to thin. You’re dabbling in too many marketing channels but not getting results in most of them.

For example, you might have a business website, a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, and an Instagram account. You might have an E-Mail Newsletter (but barely know how to use it effectively).

It’s frustrating – because there’s always another thing on your To-Do-list, but little reward in fresh leads or new clients.


2. Your company has limited itself to just one or two marketing channels which seem to work well.

What happens, if this marketing channel stops working so well? Or its cost increases?

  • If you’re unprepared for the rapid changes in marketing, you risk a huge loss in business.
  • And you’re missing out on opportunities from channels you’ve ignored.

3. Your company is already paying significant money to marketing agencies, but you don’t really understand what the agencies are doing.

You don’t know how to find out if there’s an actual ROI (return on investment) for the money you’re paying to agencies.


4. You’re doing all marketing inhouse, but the staff members tasked with marketing have too much on their hands.

That’s especially true if you don’t have an exclusive full time marketing person or marketing team. Usually marketing will take a back seat.

Here’s how I can help grow your business

Consulting: Business and Marketing Strategy

  • Lead and Client Generation
  • Branding / Positioning
  • Online Advertising Strategies

Implementing: Technology

  • Web Sites
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Marketing Automation [= Sales Systems, Email Marketing, etc.]

So this is what you can get professionally:

Thoughtful Articles for Entrepreneurs and Marketers. Insights and Trends. Easy to Understand & Actionable Marketing Tips.

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