How Fast Can You Go – A Simple Tip To Increase Productivity 30% In 1 Day

210 words. In the spirit of productivity, today’s tip is short and to the point.

A very common productivity tip is to block a certain amount of time for a given task or project.

  • For example, you’d block 3 hours of your work day to continue writing your e-book.

While it works, it doesn’t prevent the slowing down of productivity that naturally occurs while working on a specific task.

For most people the productivity decline works like this:

  1. When you start working you’re pretty fast.
  2. After some time, you find you’re slowing down.
  3. You’d take a short break and continue working.
  4. But still, you’re not as fast as you were when you started.

Try something new instead.

  1. Start working on the given task. Again, you’ll start fast.
  2. Work until you feel you’re slowing down.
  3. Take a short break.
  4. After the break start working on something else!
    To your surprise you’ll be super-fast again – until step 2 kicks in again.
    [repeat steps 2 to 4]


  • Work on each task only as long as you maintain your initial maximum speed.
  • When slowing down switch to a completely different task.

Give it a few days and decide based on your experience and results.