Crazy? Why You Don‘t Need Facebook Google+ & Twitter & LinkedIn & Pinterest

This month I’m spending my nights live tweeting from Social Media Success Summit 2013. More than 40 social media experts share their favorite social media strategies in 33 sessions.

There’s a BIG problem with that:

Each speaker makes it look as if his or her favorite social media site were indispensable. His or her specific site it the best opportunity out there. Once you listened to 40+ speakers you know:

If you’re not active on all umpteen social media sites your business is doomed to fail! You’ll miss out on Billions of customers, all waiting to flock to your business. You’d miss the train to the future. Dinosaur. Extinction is your destiny.

After each #SMSS13 session you can see people tweeting: „Wow, I didn’t know how great that platform is. I’ll have to start there, too!“

It’s not a #SMSS13 specific problem. [The sessions are great!]

It’s an industry problem. An entire industry has forgotten sound business principles and as a result millions of businesses all over the world are spreading themselves thin over lots of platforms without getting focused results.

The few companies that use social media professionally are dwarfed by the number of those wasting their time.

It’s a trap that most of us fall for.

We’re active on 4, 5, or even many more social media sites. For me the magic number is 8. Eight sites that I frequently dabble on.

Dabbling is what most of us do in social media.

If we were to be honest, we’d say: „Well, actually none of them is making a striking income for my business.“

[The most likely exception are those using Facebook advertising professionally.]

It’s sick. It’s noise, and empty promises. As fleeting as a tweet.

Imagine for a moment you’d focus exclusively on Facebook marketing and improve it to a level where you’re getting a constant stream of leads.

Imagine, Facebook would be sending your more business than you can ever handle.

Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s not an unreasonable fantasy, after all, there are 1.2 Billion people on Facebook. And Facebook has the most advanced advertising system from all social media sites.

  • So, if Facebook gave you more clients or customers than your business could ever handle, why would you [still] feel the compulsion to add Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to your workload?
  • Seriously, if 1.2 Billion is not enough potential for your biz, what are you hoping to additionally get on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus?
  • Seriously, if you can’t make one platform really work, how much better are your chances spreading yourself thin over five platforms? Or over eight?

My focus on Facebook here is just an example. I might just as well make the same argument with LinkedIn, or any other site, as long as you’d use it for professional marketing.

There’s an argument to be made for each of those sites. Of course. The same is true for ANY existing marketing channel on the planet.

ANY marketing channel could do something good for your business. ANY marketing channel has its plusses.

But does it mean you MUST implement each existing marketing channel ever invented by mankind?

Rhetorical question!

Of course not.

Why is this so easy to see for „each existing marketing channel ever invented by mankind,“ but not for social media?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re on many platforms, because you fear you’d miss opportunities.

  • Yet, you’re not using a tiny fraction of the opportunities from any of the platforms.
  • You’re missing the real opportunity because you’re running after imaginary, future opportunities.

Moral Of Story:

You really don’t need Facebook AND Google Plus AND Twitter AND LinkedIn AND Pinterest.

[Vine, Instagram, YouTube, SlideShare, ….]


One is enough.

Stop dabbling.

Start marketing.

Expected results:

  • A tighter community.
  • A constant stream of leads, clients, customers.
  • More business for your business.
  • Enough income to pay for tools and assistants.
  • Less work, less stress, less platforms and features to learn.

Oh, it’s 1:59 AM. Next #SMSS13 session starting in 1 minute.

See you there?