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Decision Is The Ultimate Power

Decision is the ultimate power. When we read quotes like this one from Tony Robbins, we usually think about the big, life-changing decisions.

Putting an end to something, like

  • quitting your job,
  • stop drinking alcohol once and for all,
  • or filing for divorce.

Or starting something new, like

  • starting a business,
  • moving to a new country,
  • or deciding to build a home.

Yet, there’s another type of decisions. Decisions that have an equally dramatic impact on the outcome of your life!

They go unnoticed.

You make them unconsciously.

They secretly run your life.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The decisions that ultimately shape your destiny are the small ones you make every day.” quote=”The decisions that ultimately shape your destiny are the small ones you make every day.”]

Seemingly “tiny” decisions are affecting the quality of your life. They are small, but their consequences build up over years and decades, like a powerful Tsunami builds up from initially shallow waves.

  • Do you want fries with that OR a salad?
  • Enjoying quality time with your spouse OR with a stranger you met on the chat?
  • Hanging out on the couch Or going to the gym?

And specifically in your business:

  • Going to the pool OR writing a blog post?
  • Socializing on Facebook OR calling prospects?
  • Sharing other people’s content OR creating your next YouTube video?
  • Starbucks OR Office?
  • Checking your email (again!) OR creating your next product?
  • Vising a cabaret show (they are very popular where I live) OR working on your web site?

Cabaret Show TheVenue in Pattaya

Man, choices are hard!

Fortunately you can make new and better choices every day!

Usually it comes down to one master choice, it’s a “meta choice” or blueprint for all the unconscious decisions in your life.

The master choice that rules all your small decisions day in day out is:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Do you choose short term comfort OR long term fulfillment?” quote=”Do you choose short term comfort OR long term fulfillment?”]



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