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The Facebook Fan Page Marketing Funnel

2014 is the year social media marketing will grow up! Are you busy spreading yourself thin on all social platforms?

Did they tell you, social media will bring you tons of customers because everybody is on social media? Especially: You must be on Facebook because EVERYBODY is on Facebook?

Did you fall in love with the idea of  ‘free’ marketing?

Here’s how free social media marketing works for 98% of small businesses:

Infographic Facebook Fan Page Marketing

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Why Facebook May Have Reached Its Peak.

Excellent Analysis Of Facebook Compared To Google And YouTube.

2014 is the year social media marketing will grow up!

Right now lots of people are disappointed that Facebook isn’t sending them free customers in heaps and bounds.

The truth is: A successful business is rarely built on free marketing alone.

This year many will wake up.

This year many will learn how to combine free and paid.

It’s a chance for you to professionalize your business.

    Michelle Quillin

    Hi, Ralf!

    We’ve run several promoted posts on Facebook (by “boosting post”), each for the same nonprofit, and out of our own pocket. Each of the promoted posts was for an upcoming local event that would be of special interest to a very specific audience, which we targeted very carefully.

    According to the Insights offered by Facebook, our $15-$40 promotions each reached nearly 10,000 Facebook users in our very narrowly-defined target audience.

    Unfortunately, not one of those promotions directly garnered a single online ticket sale (we asked online registrants to check a box asking where they learned about the event — none said “On Facebook”).

    For each event promotion, we did gain new fans fr the nonprofit. But like you’ve said, unless those fans see your Page’s updates, those fan numbers won’t translate into much, if anything at all.

    Was it worth it? Absolutely not. But at least the experimenting hasn’t cost much. I’m thankful for Facebook’s low entry point.

    I’m reconsidering our entire Facebook strategy, that’s for sure. I’ll give an ad a try for the next promotion, and see how that goes.
    [Michelle Quillin’s latest blog post: How to Collaborate Strategically With Brand Partners on Facebook]

      Ralf Skirr

      Hi Michelle!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with promoted posts. It’s not impossible to get results with Facebook advertising, but it’s certainly not easy, and requires a well defined strategy how to move people through the marketing funnel after the initial contact.

      I agree with you that the few fans gained aren’t worth the trouble. Even if it’s cheap, it also eats up a lot of time.

      Paying for ads with the sole purpose of increasing fan count seems pointless, because those paid-for-fans won’t even see your future content unless you pay again and again for each post that you want to be seen.


    Same here Michelle. We spent a few hundred Dollars and got nothing back. I reckon the good old Google PPC is better then what FB can offer, especially if you’re a B2B and not B2C player.


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