Leaders of Triberr – Brand New Facebook Group for Triberr Members and Chiefs

I’ve created a new Facebook group “Leaders of Triberr” for Triberr members and tribe leaders.

You can join here, and make sure to turn notifications on for ‘all posts’ or Facebook will hide most of the posts from you. If you don’t see the stuff, nothing good can happen in the group.

We can network, share our best tips, or ask questions and get advice from fellow Triberr members.

If you don’t know what Triberr is: It’s a social network for bloggers. You can use it to promote your blog posts, and to network with other bloggers. To find out more read this.

Now is a perfect time to get more active on Triberr, because Triberr has found a new owner. With an entire team behind the platform I’m excited about the future of Triberr!

Here are some of the things I’ve planned for the new fb group

Ideas for chiefs

  • How to bring new bloggers to our Tribes
  • How can we better support new members
  • How to reactivate inactive members
  • How to get more shares on Facebook and LinkedIn

Ideas for bloggers

  • How to become better Bloggers
  • Writing and editing tips for stellar blog posts
  • Plugin & blog design tips
  • Blog promotion ideas

Plus, let’s do some networking offsite Triberr

  • How can we support each other beyond tweeting our blog post links?
  • How can we spread our reach beyond the existing Triberr community?
  • How can we use new and trending publishing platforms? (Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook Notes, Facebook Instant Articles)

Some things you can do right now:

Join the ‘Leaders of Triberr’ Facebook group.

  1. Turn notifications on for ‘all posts’ or Facebook will hide most of the posts from you.
  2. Add your links to the networking doc in the files section.
  3. Say Hi (if you like), and introduce yourself.
  4. Post your ideas or questions.
  5. Comment on existing group posts.

Hope to see you, and let me know what you think, either here in the comments, or at Facebook directly in the group.