How To Outlive Everyone [Including Your Competitors]

Looking at your biz 26 years from now – which of the boats above will be yours?

26 years ago I started my entrepreneurial journey.

  • My first ‚self-employment‘ generated a 3 figure revenue over its lifetime.
    [After deducting expenses … a pathetic loss.]
  • Working with a fraudulent network marketing company left me $ 40,000 in debt. I didn’t have enough cash left to buy a bread roll for breakfast.
  • I started a business partnership that burned money faster than we earned it.
    [My wrong lead.]
  • I’ve created more than 100 almost finished digital products that never saw the light of a web site.
  • My first business web site didn’t make a single client in 2 years.

Today I’m living ‘my dream.’

My location independent business, alternating between Thailand and Germany.

[A location independent business. I’m alternating between Thailand and Germany.]

  • In 26 years I have met a few zooming past me to higher successes.
  • I’ve met hundreds who gave up and returned to a day job. I didn’t.

Perserverance pays!

It’s your choice.