Are You Killing Your Brand For Peanuts [Without Knowing]?

A well-known social media guru is promoting his new blog post on Triberr today.

I followed his link and came to a site … well, I’d like to show you a screen shot, but I don’t want to harm anyone’s reputation.

The first thing that jumped at me was a big ad space with Google Advertising.

  • It was inserted after the first sentence of the blog post, shoving the rest of the post below the fold.
  • It advertised Etihad Airways to me – not a good fit on a social media blog.

Etihad is a great airline, by the way. I had 2 flights with them last week, and their service was outstanding.

Refreshing the page gave me „Aktion Deutschland Hilft. Bündnis deutscher Hilfsorganisationen. Jetzt spenden.“

Translation: „Donate now.“

Yes, I’m sure he needs the money!

He’s not alone.

I’ve seen this on countless web sites of marketing professionals, consultants, personal brands, web agencies, and SEO agencies.

Don’t do this!

AdSense on your business site makes your brand look poor.

  • You’re asking $ 600 for a 1 hour consultation, but you need the cents from AdSense?
  • You’re selling $ 3000 SEO services on your web site, but you need the cents from AdSense?
  • You don’t trust your web site to monetize itself by selling your services?

How good a consultant can you be?

Well, I might just go somewhere professional!

AdSense on your business site distracts from the content that’s supposed to sell your service.

  • Readers might follow the ad and click away from your site. Google AdSense doesn’t even open in a new window. Once I clicked the ad, your site is gone for good.
  • It shoves your article content below the fold. Readers might be … let me correct that… Readers ARE too lazy to scroll beyond your ads to find your valuable content.

Please, if you want to build a professional brand, don’t litter your business web site or blog with AdSense!