Are You Making This Costly Mistake On Your Business Web Site?

Here’s a short tip helping you to identify one of the most costly web site mistakes.

Take a look at the current articles on your business web site.

  • Are they interesting for your prospects and customers? For people who are looking for a new vendor in your industry?
  • Or is your web site actually more interesting for your peers, i.e. your competitors?

In my own industry [internet marketing] I see it again and again:

  • A web designer publishes in-depth articles about HTML, CSS, and web design. It earns him respect from his peers, but drives away clients.
  • An agency for search engine optimization [SEO] is having sophisticated discussions with other SEO experts on their web site. Understanding the topics requires an intense SEO knowledge.
  • A programmer uses his web site to publish PHP source code [huh?] and plugins he’s written. For an average client it’s as confusing as quantum physics.

There’s a place for communicating with other experts in your industry – but it‘s not your customer facing business web site.

Each and every piece of content on your site should be written with the average customer [or prospect] in mind. If you find that’s not the case right now, consider a clean-up and re-launch of your site.