The Marketing Matrix – Your 90 Second Marketing Plan

Did you ever feel it can be hard to stay focused in your daily marketing activities?

Marketing is more fragmented than ever, and often I find myself spending time on things that may not be worth it.

For example, how much time did you spend yesterday on expanding your business web site, compared to time you spent on social media?

For most businesses, expanding their own web site would bring a much better long term ROI (return on investment) than your daily Tweets or Facebook posts. Yet, many small business owners spend time on social media every day, while checking in with their own web site only every few weeks or months.

The Marketing Matrix is a simple system to prioritize your daily marketing activities.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

A napkin works well, too.

I recommend you keep it simple and quick. Don’t turn it into something fancy, complicated, or time consuming.

You want to be able to make a new marketing matrix in seconds, as your priorities change every few days or weeks.

1. You start with drawing an empty matrix, like the one you see below.

It’s ok to make it hand drawn. No need to get any tools for nicer lines, buying specifically formated paper, or whatever.

2. Then you write your most important marketing channel in the center.

I firmly believe the center should always be your business web site. But feel free to put whatever you want in the center of your marketing matrix.

marketing-matrix 1

3. Next you fill in all fields next to the center. These are your second most important marketing activities. I call it ‘the inner circle.’ [Although geometrically it’s not a circle. :-) ]

The graphic is just an example. Again, make your own choices what’s important for your business.

marketing-matrix 2

4. Finally, fill in the outer fields. Those are the least important from the many activities you could spend time on.

It’s not necessary to fill all fields. Use as much as you need to write down all your marketing activities.

You can customize your marketing matrix by adding numbers, short notes, or scribbles.

marketing-matrix 3

Your matrix is a visual reminder of your priorities.

Keep it near your work space.

  1. Each day make sure to work on the center first.
  2. Then move on to the ‘inner circle’ activities.
  3. Only after your content with that, move on to the outer level.