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Social Media And SEO Won’t Save Your Struggling Business

Social Media is a self-perpetuating beast.

SEO multiplies by article spam.

As a result, in today’s blogosphere social media and seo are massively over-represented and over-hyped. Meaning: there are waaay too many articles talking about social media and seo as if they were to make or break your business.

But they aren’t.

What makes or breaks your business are fundamental business basics, which most self-proclaimed social media or seo consultants have no clue about. They never built a business except the business of bragging about sm and seo.

Unfortunately articles about business fundamentals don’t have the self-promoting nature of social media and seo articles built in. That’s why you rarely see them.

The overwhelming flood of social media and seo articles causes a misconception in business owners:

They feel forced to spend lots of time on social media and seo. And they think it will save their struggling business.

But they won’t. They distract you from saving your business. From working on your biz turnaround.

If your business is highly profitable, the biz owner has the luxury to waste away an hour or two every day on Facebook, Twitter, and Co. You have the luxury to write a guest post for obscure web sites that no human eye will ever see.

If your business is struggling, it’s your responsibility to NOT waste a minute, and instead invest your time in rebuilding your biz.

Focus on business fundamentals.

The best time to tweet, the best media to post on Facebook, and the trendy new back link strategy won’t turn a struggling business into a successful one.

You need to focus on your offers, your marketing funnels, and your conversions – until your business is profitable.

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