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I’m bullish for LinkedIn. I’ve started just recently to take a second look at LinkedIn, and I found it to be a great source of professional content. Behind professional content, obviously, there are professional business people to discover. Plus, the once old-fashioned platform is much better now.

Their rival Xing is getting nowhere, which offers even more potential for growth and engagement. If you’re already there, connect with me. If not, go check it out.
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Facebook is the one platform not to miss for marketers. Their advertising system is the most advanced from all social media sites.

My Facebook Page features short articles, and Links to great content from other marketers. I’ll also feature inspiring examples of entrepreneurs and  businesses making a difference.
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I love Instagram for the fun visuals and the simplicity. While the marketing potential of IG is still unknown, it’s the place to go for inspirational quotes and super short posts.

It’s also the only place where I’ll post private pics, which you won’t find on my Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. Besides business, expect coffee, Chuck Taylor’s, and pics from Asia.

Triberr is a must for every blogger. Seriously, if you’re blogging but not using Triberr yet,  go there now.

Make sure to get in touch with me and ask to join one of my tribes.

Getting started on Triberr can be confusing, but it’s totally worth it. I’m happy to help you and give you some great tips.
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Warrior Forum is the world’s largest marketing forum. They’ve been acquired by Freelancer.com in 2014 and since grown from 700,000 members to more than 1 Million members. Be sure to take people’s posts with a grain of salt (as with any forum). Besides some nasty know-it-alls there are lots of helpful, friendly people.

It’s well organized into many highly relevant topics, and features a personal growth section. Sign up here
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Twitter is the big question mark in social media in 2016. Will they innovate their way to higher adoption among non-geek users? Or will they innovate their way to irrelevance?

I’ve always loved Twitter, and I’m excited about rumors of opening Twitter for long form content. Follow me and send me a Tweet. (I don’t read DMs, too much automated spam.)
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Slideshare isn’t a social network, but it’s part of LinkedIn now. So there’s the potential of combining Slideshare’s professional content with LinkedIn’s connections. Let’s see how LinkedIn is going to use it.

I haven’t published slides yet, but the first ones will go live throughout January.

Should you be on all social sites?

Many experts tell you to be active on all social sites, and especially join each new site quickly, as it may become the next big thing. I say: This is crazy!

So there are many sites and services I haven’t joined at all. And there are sites that I’ve jointed but that I’ve decided for now aren’t worth my time.

I’m currently NOT active on these accounts:

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