How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 1

SEO traffic will dwindle even more than it already did, and in yesterday’s Google Prophecy I wrote the new goal [replacing soon to be futile SEO goals] is gaining broad visibility on the web and beyond.

Let’s do this step by step.

First look at your online presence

  • your business website
  • additional sites showcasing you and your business [social media sites, guest blogging sites, content distribution sites]

Mindmap: Web site in center, social media profiles around.

Visit each of those sites while going through this short check list:

  1. Get an overview which sites belong to this group. Make a list.
  2. Make sure all profiles are up to date. Check your contact info.
  3. Put a current profile picture on all platforms.
  4. Align the message you’re sending on the individual platforms.

Let me explain #4: Don’t have Twitter say you’re an AdSense expert and Facebook say you’re a marketing consultant. It’s not the same.

Create a unified branding across all platforms. Since your about section is only a few sentences on most sites, this will only take a few minutes.

That’s it for today.

If you act on it, you’ll have improved your marketing with little effort, and you’re ready for the next step tomorrow.