How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 2

Today’s tip is not your everyday online marketing advice, and you should not follow it mindlessly.

It might spark some new ideas, but it’s best to evaluate each idea for what it adds to your business.

Yesterday I talked about updating and aligning your most important online presences, including your business web site, and your social media profiles.


Today we’re taking it one step further.

We’ll look at your OFFLINE presences, and then move online from there.

What do I mean by that?

It’s quite likely that you have some business associations in the offline world.

  • You might be associated with a local Better Business Bureau.
  • Or a chamber of commerce.
  • Or you might be a member of an industry specific organization.
  • An organization of local businesses.
  • You might have contact with speakers.
  • Or journalists.

And many, many more.

Step 1: Start making a list of your offline associations with

  1. Organizations
  2. Businesses
  3. People

Step 2: For each relevant association you find, write down THEIR online presences. Do this the same way you did with YOUR online presences. Their web sites. Their social media profiles. And whatever else there might be.

MindMap: Organizations and their online presences.

Step 4: Find out how you can get visibility for your business on THEIR online presence.

  • An organization might allow member profiles.
  • A business partner might offer a link and a short description.
  • You might post updates to their Facebook page.

Once you have them listed, it’s actually quite easy to see the opportunities.

Step 5: Chose which of these opportunities are worth the time, and expand your presence on theirs.

  • On sites where you can post yourself, simply do the work.
  • Where you need to make personal contact, write the email, or make the call.

Even if you’re well connected, this isn’t more than a few hours of work. If your connections are few, it’s a matter of minutes.

It’s a piece of the puzzle of getting greater visibility, and it will bring your business to audiences who did not see you before.