Motivational Alchemy – The Cure When Motivation Doesn’t Work

I admire Tony Robbins. And many of his colleagues.

But when I use their motivational strategies, the farthest I get is … to the swimming pool.

That shouldn’t surprise you; it’s the most common complaint about motivational trainers.

You’re motivated while you listen to them, the moment you’re supposed to get to work, the elusive energy called ‚motivation‘ has vanished.

Here’s my idea what makes you feel motivated, what makes you get to work.

It’s the combination of 3 things – none of which a motivational trainer, seminar, or book can give you.

I call it ‚motivational alchemy. ‘

Superhero Cartoon

If you find that you’re not working on your goals, that you’re abandoning your resolutions, take a look at these 3 items.

  • Do you feel you can actually reach your goal? Or is there a lack of faith? A lack of competence or confidence?
  • Do you enjoy the actual tasks that you need to work on consistently?
  • Is it worth the effort? If not, you might have chosen the wrong goals.

Reversing the 3 elements, by the way, will successfully eliminate your motivation – which explains a lot of what’s happening in business every day.