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Tony Robbins Quote

Decision Is The Ultimate Power

Decision is the ultimate power. When we read quotes like this one from Tony Robbins, we usually think about the big, life-changing decisions. Putting an end to something, like quitting your job, stop drinking alcohol once and for all, or filing for divorce. Or starting something new, like starting a business, moving to a new […]

Google Plus Circles Tutorial – How To Use Google Plus Circles For Your Business

Google Plus Circles Tutorial – How To Use Circles For Your Business

Update January 2016: This article was first published in March 2014. I have since given up on Google Plus, and I do not recommend putting any time or money into G+ marketing. I’m pretty sure the service will shutdown within the next 3 years. User engagement has been a problem even at the best times […]

I'm Awesome!

Guest Blog Fail – The Most Ridiculous Guest Post Offer You’ve Seen This Year!

Since Matt Cutt’s recent remarks, we’re all a bit more self-conscious about guest blogging, aren’t we? Today I received an email, offering a guest post for my blog at The wording in this guest post offer is so hilarious that … The Writer Disqualified Himself By Packing His Offer In A Bunch Of Narcissistic […]

Klout Offers FREE Social Media Sharing Tool– What’s In It For Klout?

Klout Offers FREE Social Media Sharing Tool– What’s In It For Klout?

Just a few days ago Klout revolutionized its public facing service. It’s a gigantic shift; Klout transformed into something completely different – on the surface! What’s in it for Klout? Klout before the transformation It’s an influence measurement service that tracks your activity on selected web sites. It also tracks how others respond and connect […]

featured image: facebook fan page marketing funnel

The Facebook Fan Page Marketing Funnel

2014 is the year social media marketing will grow up! Are you busy spreading yourself thin on all social platforms? Did they tell you, social media will bring you tons of customers because everybody is on social media? Especially: You must be on Facebook because EVERYBODY is on Facebook? Did you fall in love with […]

Cartoon: writing office

Calling Out A Fluffer [How To Turn Good Writing Into Garbage]

Definition of Fluffer: A writer who increases word count by adding legions of meaningless or redundant words [fluff]. They also employ the technique of writing unnecessary stuff or repeating themselves in order to increase word count of their writing to get more text and write more words. I just did. Sometimes a guest post slips […]

Futuristic woman looking at The-Age-of-Context book cover.

The Future Of Business And Marketing [And Everything]

My book review of Age of Context, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. In 1973, when I was a kid, our black-and-white TV had 3 channels. We had no computer, no mobile phone, no internet. Even VCRs didn’t show up in people’s homes before 1975. 30 years later, in 2003, VCRs were already on their […]

Title illustration for post 'monster list of social media tools'

The #SMSS Monster List Of Social Media Tools & Services

44 social media experts presented 33 sessions at Social Media Success Summit and highlighted their favorite social media tools and services. There are the usual suspects: HootSuite, Bufferapp, Feedly & Co. There’s also a number of tools that I’ve never heard of before. In this post I list as many tools from #SMSS as I […]

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6 Ways To Inspire Commitment In Your Tribe Members

Today we’re looking at 5 + 1 powerful emotional triggers that will make your tribe members committed to you and your tribe – or any tribe. 8 years ago Blair Warren published a very short, free e-book on persuasion. It’s called “The One-Sentence Persuasion Course. 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding.” It’s […]

Emerals city and the ruby slippers. Representing the desire for a better world.

The Psychology Of Tribes

In my previous post on Building Your Tribe I recommended answering 9 crucial questions in order to start building a flourishing tribe. Your answers are the blueprint for building your tribe. Today we’re taking the next step, and delve into the ‘Psychology of Tribes.’ This is, first of all, the psychology of the individual tribe […]

business man with declining revenue chart

If Your Business Sucks, It’s Because You Suck!

That’s probably the last thing you wanted to hear from me today, right? Yet, it’s entirely true. Your business is an extension of you! Your character flaws, your bad habits, your most stupid choices – they all become visible [for everyone to see] in the state of your business. You tell me about … … […]

Knocked out business man lying on the floor.

Another Blow For SEOs [Updated]

Breaking SEO news. If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m on a mission to convince you NOT to build your business on traffic from Google search. Here’s today’s SEO news, confirming just that. One of the most important things you need to know to optimize your web site efficiently is: From which search terms […]

Young man drawing a cloudy blue sky on the wall.

3 Ideas To Improve Your Blog

I’ve made a few improvements to my blog over the weekend, and I share them with you [including screenshots and resource links] so you can get ideas for improving your own blog. 1. Remove clutter from your blog. Before blogs became popular most web sites were pretty focused. With the rise of content management systems […]


The Science Of Marketing by Dan Zarrella [Book Review]

Hey, it’s time for my first book review on! The Science of Marketing by Dan Zarrella is one of my favorite marketing books in 2013. It will be a favorite for you too, if you like a book chock-full of actionable marketing tips and social-media-for-business advice. The premise is that your marketing strategies must […]

Cartoon robot representing business automation.

Business Automation: 9 Time Savers For Everyday Tasks

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, to remove the blame from life, when you screw up, write a blog post about it. In this post you’ll discover 9 ways to automate tasks, and the best tools to use. My goal for is to publish a new post each day. Yet, in the […]

future office illustration

How To Make Your Business Future Proof

Lamenting the speed of change has been en vogue since before I entered the business world. That was back in the 1980ies. Rapid change is a given. Disruptive change is a given. What can you do to keep up, to avoid risk of extinction? Here are 5 strategies any business, small or big, can use. […]

How To Write A New Blog Post Every Day

How To Write A New Blog Post Every Day

7 days. 7 posts. Wow, it’s been a full week now at the new And, looking at my blog posts, it’s been a morbid week. [I always wanted to be a horror author. Maybe that’s why I took the chance to bury clients, unicorns, and SEO.] How do you go from posting 7 posts […]

The Death Of Social Media Marketing (Unicorns and rainbows image)

Social Media Marketing Is Dead, Too.

One of my Facebook friends has been posting several updates a day to her Facebook business page for more than 2 years. Almost every single day, as far as I scrolled back in time. Her consistency is adorable, you’d guess she’s having great results from her Facebook marketing. Yet, during 4 1/2 years since the […]

Death of SEO

SEO Is Dead. Really, Now.

For the average small business SEO isn’t a viable marketing option anymore. It has been one of the cheapest ways to bring leads to your web site for about 10 years. For those who didn’t take advantage, the window of opportunity has closed. Vanished. Poof. Gone forever. Google wants to END SEARCH by directly showing […]


Re-Inventing Yourself, Re-Inventing Your Business

Tadaaa! Welcome to the new I’ve replaced the old static site with a new WordPress based site. And added a new Blog. Here we go… Creating a new site for your business is a chance to re-think what your business stands for. Take a look at your current web site. How are you presenting […]